Mobile device connectivity center

RSA Mobile Device Support

RSA makes mobile clients you can download and install on many mobile devices. Corporate owned Blackberries should already have the RSA SecurID Software Token application installed when you receive it.

Currently the only mobile devices supported by Cablevison Enterprise IT for RSA are:

  • Blackberry - We support all 'current' Blackberry smartphones.

    • Please note: occasionally a new Blackberry OS comes out that is not yet supported by RSA. If your new device is not supported immediately, please be patient.

  • Android - We now support RSA SecurID Software Token for Android Devices. You must download and install the RSA SecurID software on your phone from the "Google Play Store" yourself here.

    • Due to the dynamic 'Open Source' nature of the Android O/S and changes made from phone vendor to vendor, there may be phones that are not compatible with RSA SecurID for Android. Cablevision can not support these devices with 100% certainty. Please check for compatibility issues at the "Google Play Store".

  • Apple iPhone / iPad / iTouch - RSA offers a free Software Token Application for Apple IOS devices that is available for download at the iTunes App Store.