Cablevision EIT RSA SecurID Support

RSA SecurID Token Support

Cablevision utilizes RSA SecurID Software Tokens and in certain instances SecurID Hard Tokens known as 'Keyfobs'. SecurID generates a new 'Passcode' every 60 seconds. Each code is single use, meaning once you have used a token code or Passcode, you must wait for the next code to come along before logging in again. For setup and configuration instructions of your RSA SecurID Token, please select from the images below, the type of token you have been assigned.


Terms to Remember:

  • PIN: Your PIN is a 4 to 8 digit numeric code which must be used in conjunction with your Tokencode to generate a Passcode.

    • Your PIN should NEVER start with the number '0'.

    • With the Software Token, you ONLY enter your PIN in the Software Token Application, and then use the new 8 digit code it generates as a 'Passcode'.

  • Tokencode: Is the 8 digit code generated by the Software Token application if you have not entered a PIN code.

    • Keyfob Token Tokencode: is the 6 digit code displayed in the Keyfob Token as seen above.

  • Passcode: is the 8 digit code generated by the Software Token application after you have entered your 'PIN' and hit Enter. You should only use your Passcode to login to the VPN.

    • Keyfob Token Passcode: Since you cannot type your PIN into your Keyfob, as you would in the Software Token Application, your Passcode when using the Keyfob is 'PIN + Tokencode' (Looking at the image above, if your PIN was 1234, the Keyfob Passcode would be: 1234159759