Cablevision EIT RSA SecurID Support

How To Set A Personal Identification Number (PIN) For Your RSA SecurID Software Token

Before You Begin

  • Familiarize yourself with the 'Terms to Remember' on the RSA Support Main page.
  • These instructions assume you have already installed your RSA SecurID Software Token Application using the instructions here.
  • Be sure your clicked the 'Activation Link' in that e-mail. Your (soft) token will remain disabled until you clicked that link.

Setting Your PIN

1. Click this link: to access the RSA Web Express Test Your Token page.

2. Launch your RSA SecurID Software Token application. Since you do not yet have a PIN code, please click the blue button indicated by the arrow. Once you do, you will notice that the 8 digit code is issues you is called a 'Tokencode'.

3. Enter your UserID in the User ID field.  Enter the eight (8) digit number displayed in your Software Token in the Passcode: field. and click the Submit button. (You can simply press 'Copy' and then paste your 'Tokencode' in the 'Passcode' field.)

3. The PIN creation page is displayed:

4. Select "I will enter my own PIN" in the PIN Creation Method drop down menu and press Submit.

(You can allow the system to assign you a random code, but most people prefer to assign a code they can remember more easily.)

5. Enter a four digit number in the New PIN field.  Retype the number in the Confirm PIN field.  Note: THE PIN CANNOT BEGIN WITH ZERO.  Click the Submit button.

6. The 'Test Your Token' is displayed.  Your RSA Application should still look as seen above in Step 2, please click on the "Re-Enter PIN" button and then enter the PIN you just created above. On the 'Test Your Token' page, enter your UserID in the User ID Field, and your 'Passcode' in the Passcode field and press 'Submit'.  Your Passcode is the eight (8) digit number displayed by the Software Token application after entering your PIN code and pressing the blue button. You will notice the display now indicates "Passcode". (You can simply press the 'Copy' button on the RSA App and then paste it into the Passcode field. The blue dots below your Passcode indicate time remaining to use the current code - each dot = 5 seconds. If you are down to 1 or 2 dots, you would be better off waiting for the next code so you don't enter an expired code.)

Note that now that you have entered a PIN, the display now says 'Passcode' in the image above.


7. A successful authentication message is displayed.